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Tier 1 LATAM Solar & Storage Markets Briefing

Latin America hosts some of the world’s most dynamic renewable energy markets, with more than a quarter of primary energy coming from renewables. Despite the favorable conditions in this region, not everything has gone according plan so far. The digital conference “Tier 1 LATAM Solar & Storage Markets Briefing” will shed light on the areas for future improvement within key markets.

Industry experts will provide a holistic overview of the current market status, forecast future scenarios and strategies on how to monetize developing solar and storage opportunities. In addition to first-hand knowledge from the field incl. lessons learned from matured markets, delegates will gain a deep understanding of the different technologies and successfully proven business strategies in the different storage market segments.

The free-to-attend virtual micro-conference helps you navigate the LATAM market opportunities and will address ways to expand your business operations:

  • Assessment of Current Renewable Energy Business Climate: Comparison Between Brazil, Colombia and Chile


  • Understanding the Fundamentals for Successful Solar Market Take-off – Available Technologies, Financing Mechanisms and Local Value Creation


  • Real Life Examples and Best Practices for Successful Solar and Energy Storage Development – Focus Commercial and Large Scale Segment



Daniel Fuchs, Vice President

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel is a universalist in the energy industry and a born networker. For the agency Daniel is the expert for business development and finances. His talent for facts and figures makes him an unswerving advisor in the team for the intelligent handling of budgets.