Live Day MEA


With continuously surging demand for clean energy in the Middle East and African countries, the SSDC Live Day „SOLAR GIANTS IN MEA” shed light on the renewable energy opportunities in the region. Expert speakers representing companies across the whole value chain presented best practice examples, new emerging business models, game-changing technologies (incl. storage) and shared their visions to achieve sustainable growth path for all segments. Special focus was put on lessons learned and optimization potential to overcome current challenges – delegates were able to gain a profound understanding of the different market dynamics and received valuable first-hand information from industry players of all sizes:

  • Factors for sustainable solar market growth: Balancing segments (DG/Utility Scale)
  • Development of an Eco-System of multi-stakeholder groups
  • Learning curves: Game-changing technologies and real-life examples
  • Mega projects: What is a reasonable price for solar? Comparability between segments
  • Emergence of the C&I segment in the GCC – Status-quo and future outlook

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The energy partnership between the UAE and Germany was established in January 2017 between the BMWi and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the UAE (MoEI). The purpose of the energy partnership is the exchange between senior Government officials and experts from the private and public sector from both countries.

We interviewed AHK UAE about the benefit of the partnership for both countries considering their different appraoches and energy sources and also spoke about the impact of recent pirce developments.

It is safe to say that the UAE has been the pioneer in the Middle East when it comes to transitioning to renewables energies. Solar PV is by far the leading technology with energy storage, energy efficiency and others only recently moving into the focus of planners as an integral part of sustainable energy systems. Still, the UAE is only at the beginning of making ambitious visons a reality.

Read this article by Cornelius Matthes, Senior Vice President at Dii Desert Energy MENA.