Live Day MEA


With continuously surging demand for clean energy in the Middle East and African countries, the SSDC Live Day „SOLAR GIANTS IN MEA” will shed light on the renewable energy opportunities in the region. Expert speakers representing companies across the whole value chain will present best practice examples, new emerging business models, game-changing technologies (incl. storage) and share their visions to achieve sustainable growth path for all segments. Special focus will be put on lessons learned and optimization potential to overcome current challenges – delegates will gain a profound understanding of the different market dynamics and receive valuable first-hand information from industry players of all sizes:

  • Factors for sustainable solar market growth: Balancing segments (DG/Utility Scale)
  • Development of an Eco-System of multi-stakeholder groups
  • Learning curves: Game-changing technologies and real-life examples
  • Mega projects: What is a reasonable price for solar? Comparability between segments
  • Emergence of the C&I segment in the GCC – Status-quo and future outlook

8:00 AM (CET) – 8:10 AM (CET)
Welcome Remarks
Daniel Fuchs, Vice President, JF4S/IBESA

8:10 AM (CET) – 8:30 AM (CET)
Emergence of the C&I Segment in the GCC – Status-quo and Future Outlook
Marin De Montbel, Managing Director, Total Solar ME DG

8:30 AM (CET) – 8:50 AM (CET)
Main Challenges and Opportunities for Utility Scale and C&I Solar Development in the Middle East
Yazan Faouri, CEO, Amarenco MENA

8:50 AM (CET) – 9:10 AM (CET)
Solar Markets and Conditions in MEA – Sharp Energy Solutions Europe – A PV Pioneer for your Business in MEA 
Barbara Rudek, Business Development Manager MEA, SHARP Electronics GmbH

9:10 AM (CET) – 9:30 AM (CET)
Single-Axis Solar Tracker Stowing Strategies: What Will Best Protect Your Investment From Extreme Wind Events
Georg Urban, Vice President, Global Key Account & Business Development Management, IDEEMATEC

9:30 AM (CET) – 9:40 AM (CET)

9:40 AM (CET) – 10:00 AM (CET)
Maximizing the Green Investment Potential in KSA
Turki Mohammed Alshehri, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE in Saudi Arabia

10:00 AM (CET) – 10:20 AM (CET)
Solar PV Technology Trends in Module Manufacturing
Jalel Hamila, Vice President Sales MEA, JA Solar

10:20 AM (CET) – 10:40 AM (CET)
Bifacial, Jumbo PV Modules – More Power, New Challenges
Steven Xuereb, Director Sales and Project Delivery, PI Berlin

10:40 AM (CET) – 11:00 AM (CET)
Overcoming Challenges of Large Scale Solar Power Plant with Solarify
Refik Günaydın, Sales Marketing Engineer, Loggma

11:00 AM (CET) – 11:10 AM (CET)

11:10 AM (CET) – 11:30 AM (CET)
Driving Sustainable Impact in Africa through Renewable Energy
Jesse Gerstin, Director of Sustainable Business Development, SimpliPhi Power

11:30 AM (CET) – 11:50 AM (CET)
Green Hydrogen as a Booster of the Energy Transition in MEA 
Cornelius Matthes, Senior vice President, Dii Desert Energy

11:50 AM (CET) – 12:10 PM (CET)
Leo Williams, Origination Manager, Photon Energy Group



Daniel Fuchs, Vice President

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel is a universalist in the energy industry and a born networker. For the agency Daniel is the expert for business development and finances. His talent for facts and figures makes him an unswerving advisor in the team for the intelligent handling of budgets.

Total Solar ME DG

Marin De Montbel, Managing Director

Marin De Montbel

With over 15 years of experience within Total across multiple branches worldwide, Marin de Montbel has proven that he has the skills to be a trusted leader. Since 2018, Marin has had the chance to guide a team for Total Solar Distributed Generation Middle East as a Managing director, developing multiple solar PV projects for local and multi-national businesses in the GCC region.


Georg Urban, Vice President

Georg Urban

With more than 12 years experience in solar industry gained through leading solar manufactures, such as First Solar, Canadian Solar and Solon. Started in module business in a segment of residential and commercial installations. Developed in the last years to an expert of utility large scale projects, IPP projects.

PI Berlin

Steven Xuereb, Director Sales and Project Delivery

Steven Xuereb

Steven Xuereb is a renewable energy professional who has twenty years of experience both in the wind and solar industries. Currently he is a member of the executive management team, leading the sales and project delivery departments at PI Berlin, focusing on delivering independent engineering services for large scale solar plants.

SHARP Electronics GmbH

Barbara Rudek, Business Development Manager MEA

Barbara Rudek

Barbara is an economist and focused on renewable energies since her studies. She works in the solar industry for more than 30 years and spent also some years in China, South America and Africa. She worked as PR manager, lobbyist and business developer. Today she is Business Development Manager responsible for Middle East and Africa for Sharp Energy Solutions Europe.