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Presenting the sunsys Mobile by Socomec

Across Europe, decision makers are gradually limiting the use of diesel. Paris announced a ban of diesel cars in 2024, Amsterdam in 2030, Sweden in 2030 as well. This limitation will be effective for both vehicles and temporary power generation. However, temporary electricity production is to date mainly provided by diesel generators due to the lack of viable alternatives – until now.  

In this live conference session, Socomec presents SUNSYS Mobile, the first ultra-mobile energy storage system designed to be a responsible alternative or addition to the use of diesel generators. This system can be used either autonomously or combined with a PV installation. In January 2021, SUNSYS Mobile proved its robust and versatile design during the annual Dakar Race in Saudi Arabia.

Join us for a product presentation directly from the factory, learn more about mobile energy storage systems, possible applications and ask your questions live.

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Socomec Innovations Serving a Greener Dakar

Part of the main Dakar bivouac this year was to be powered by an innovative mobile energy production and storage system. This technology was provided by Socomec, partner of the main contractor GCK-Energy.


Mobile Energy Storage System Zero-Emission 200kVA 7 330 kWh

SUNSYS Mobile – the mobile power supply solution to recharge your electric vehicles during temporary events.
A clean, off-road, reliable solution, made in France.

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