Customer Day:

Look forward to a highly informative event with sustainable energy solutions provider and energy storage expert, Innoses, at Solar & Storage DigiCon!

The online session will focus on the topic of advancing the Li-ion battery value chain and technologies. It will be held online at the Innoses booth on the Solar & Storage DigiCon, exclusively for DigiCon attendees.

Delegates can benefit from Innoses’ expertise in the field and will gain deep insights into:

  • The energy storage market through information on topics such as investment opportunities and current developments  

  • Knowledge about new battery storage technologies


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03:00 PM (CET)
Welcome Remarks
Simay Akar, CCO & Co-Founder, Innoses

03:05 PM (CET)
Catalyzing Market Mechanisms of Global Battery Storage and the Growth of Clean Energy Transition

03:20 PM (CET)
Safety and Regulation of Battery Storage Technologies and Systems

03:35 PM (CET)
Battery Storage Technologies to Transform the Power and E-Mobility Sector

03:50 PM (CET)
Advantages of Energy Storage Systems on Modeling Renewable Energy Projects

04:05 PM (CET)
Investment and Financing Opportunities for Battery Storage Projects


Simay Akar, CCO & Co-Founder

Simay Akar

Simay specialized in the solar and renewable energy industry since 2012. She worked in China and Turkey and mostly focused on international commercial activities She is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at Innoses in the field of energy storage for renewable energy and electric vehicles and she is in charge of global marketing and business development initiatives.