Live Day Australia

The Australian government has set ambitious goals for the energy supply from renewable sources. Our “Australia Live Day” highlighted the current aspects of the country’s development and the challenges of the near future for industry and business. Some of the key players from Down Under highlighted the most promising trends for solar and storage and provided concrete recommendations for players of the sectors today.

Session 1 | The Solar Future Australia – Trends, Opportunities & Emerging Business Models

Forecasts for the Australian solar market are excellent and the country can rely on its very good natural energy resources for a long time to come. In the first session, the latest developments were reviewed and regional experts shared their perspectives on upcoming trends and challenges.

Session 2 | Monetizing Energy Storage in Australia – Market Overview & Tech Innovations

While Australia’s energy demand is constantly increasing, national and international investors are taking advantage of the great potential of the country’s energy market. The project situation, especially for the energy storage business, continues to diversify and forms an increasingly stable and sustainable market. Already proven best practices as well as promising technologies and business models for tomorrow were presented in this session.

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