Live Day Australia

The Australian government has set ambitious goals for the energy supply from renewable sources. Our “Australia Live Day” highlighted the current aspects of the country’s development and the challenges of the near future for industry and business. Some of the key players from Down Under highlighted the most promising trends for solar and storage and provided concrete recommendations for players of the sectors today.

Session 1 | The Solar Future Australia – Trends, Opportunities & Emerging Business Models

Forecasts for the Australian solar market are excellent and the country can rely on its very good natural energy resources for a long time to come. In the first session, the latest developments were reviewed and regional experts shared their perspectives on upcoming trends and challenges.

Session 2 | Monetizing Energy Storage in Australia – Market Overview & Tech Innovations

While Australia’s energy demand is constantly increasing, national and international investors are taking advantage of the great potential of the country’s energy market. The project situation, especially for the energy storage business, continues to diversify and forms an increasingly stable and sustainable market. Already proven best practices as well as promising technologies and business models for tomorrow were presented in this session.

Moderated by Daniel Fuchs, Vice President, JF4S/IBESA

Session 1 | The Solar Future Australia – Trends, Opportunities & Emerging Business Models

07:00 AM (CET) – 07:15 AM (CET)
Revealed: What Price to Charge to Maximise Solar Business Profitability
Warwick Johnston, Founder, SunWiz

07:15 AM (CET) – 07:30 AM (CET)
Solar Business Operations – What Makes a Solar Business Valuable
Andy McCarthy, CEO, RACV Solar

07:30 AM (CET) – 07:45 AM (CET)
Why Solar PV Export Control is Good for Energy End Users
James Martin, Communications Manager, SwitchDin

07:45 AM (CET) – 08:00 AM (CET)
Safe & Efficient Power for PV and ESS Applications (Switchgear and Monitoring Overview)
Yvané Smalberger, Business Developer Australia, SOCOMEC

08:00 AM (CET) – 8:15 AM (CET)
Integrating Large Format Modules onto Single Axis Trackers – The challenges involved and opportunities to lower capex, LCOE and risk
Andrew Gihooly, Head of TrinaPro APAC Region, Trina Solar

08:15 AM (CET) – 8:30 AM (CET)
Widening the Horizons of Residental & Commercial Solar
Stephane Dufrenne, Global Senior Director Customer Services & Product Management, AP Systems

8:30 AM (CET) – 8:40 AM (CET)


Session 2 | Monetizing Energy Storage in Australia – Market Overview & Tech Innovations

8:40 AM (CET) – 8:55 AM (CET)
Conducting Successful Energy Storage Business in Australia – Downstream Insights & Brands
Davide Pesenti, Research Analyst, EUPD Research

8:55 AM (CET) – 9:10 AM (CET)
Challenges in Monetising Distributed Storage in Energy Markets
Jitendra Tomar, Director eServices, sonnen

9:10 AM (CET) – 9:25 AM (CET)
Energy Storage Systems in Australia: Throwbacks and Applications Prospects
Simon Du, Product Manager, Alpha ESS Australia

9:25 AM (CET) – 9:40 AM (CET)
Battery Storage Trends in the Australian Market – Using LFP Batteries for Residential and Commercial Projects
Dan Sauer, Regional Sales Manager, SimpliPhi


Stephane Dufrenne, Global Senior Director Customer Services & Product Management

Stephane Dufrenne

With more than 20 years of international experience across Asia, USA, Europe in the semiconductor and solar industries, Stephane held various executive roles from Director of Operations in Philips Semiconductors to Technical Director & General Manager at Upsolar. He joined APsystems in 2018 to manage our Product Management and Customer Services Worldwide.

EUPD research

Davide Pesenti, Research Analyst

Davide Pesenti

Davide helps companies in the renewable energy industry making informed decisions. In order to deliver bespoke solutions he leverages his analytical skills and EUPD Research´s exclusive access to primary data. Davide’s main goal is to understand market developments and his clients’ needs.

RACV Solar

Andy McCarthy, CEO

Andy McCarthy

Andy is the CEO of RACV Solar. A lifelong advocate for renewables, he is a regular on the public speaking circuit, playing a key role in developing innovative projects. He continues to push the boundaries on what a future energy grid will look like and realise the economic, employment and community opportunities that exist within this transition.


Dan Sauer, Regional Sales Manager

Dan Sauer

As SimpliPhi’s Business Development and Market Research Manager, Dan focuses on cultivating both emerging and established global markets while also analyzing market trends and policy changes that inform SimpliPhi’s partnerships and product development.


Yvané Smalberger, Business Developer Australia

Yvané Smalberger

Yvané is a business development manager in the Electrical Power Switching & Monitoring segment representing Socomec group. With a career spanning a decade, and placements in Africa, Europe and now Asia, his focus lies on making Photovoltaic systems and Energy Storage Systems, safe, efficient and more reliable for all stakeholders


James Martin, Communications Manager

James Martin

James has nearly a decade of experience researching and writing about distributed energy spanning the retail solar, retail electricity and energy efficiency sectors in the Australian, North American and UK markets. His pieces have also been referenced by companies, governments and nongovernmental organisations around the world.

Trina Solar

Andrew Gihooly, Head of TrinaPro APAC Region

Andrew Gihooly


Jitendra Tomar, Director eServices

Jitendra Tomar

Jitendra is responsible for sonnen’s consumer energy business delivering sonnenFlat, a tailored energy tariff for solar-battery customers, and sonnenConnect, a rewards product for consumers providing grid services. His team also trades sonnen’s Virtual Power Plant into wholesale electricity markets.


Warwick Johnston, Founder

Warwick Johnston

Warwick Johnston, Founder of SunWiz and co-founder of Sunfluence. Warwick founded SunWiz in 2009 with a mission to grow the solar industry by making solar businesses outstandingly effective. Warwick has gone on to assist over 1400 solar businesses in Australia, and is currently a director of the Clean Energy Council.