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The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) and Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S) have so far conceptualized and successfully conducted more than 200 events worldwide. More than 22,000 satisfied participants are a testimony to our work.

With our new digital platform, the Solar & Storage DigiCon, we will continue to encourage the knowledge exchange within the renewable energy industries world-wide: Join our Live Days!

The e-conferences will be focused on key regions, technologies and segments and encourage real-time interactions with attendees and expert speakers throughout the year.

Mobile Energy Storage

Presenting the SUNSYS Mobile by Socomec

March 16, 2021

Across Europe, decision makers are gradually limiting the use of diesel. Paris announced a ban of diesel cars in 2024, Amsterdam in 2030, Sweden in 2030 as well. This limitation will be effective for both vehicles and temporary power generation. However, temporary electricity production is to date mainly provided by diesel generators due to the lack of viable alternatives – until now.  


Sunny in MEna

the Road to 8GW Solar Capacity

March 17, 2021

The MENA region is a glowing example for the success of solar energy. Despite the hardships of 2020, countries like Algeria, Morocco, KSA, Oman launched new tenders for additional solar capacity. According to BNEF, total installed capacity of solar in MENA has further increased in 2020 by 4,3 GW and is expected to amount up to 8,3 GW by 2022. What segments play the most relevant role? What is the current status of the C&I segment? What technologies will be most relevant to transform the oil nations to solar nations?


Live Day

March 23, 2021

USA Solar & Storage Market

Building Resilience – Project Pipelines & Finance schemes

April 13, 2021

Without a doubt, the US offers one of the greatest potentials to be a solar nation. Nontheless, the market experienced heavy fluctuations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the first half of 2020. With discounts and 25-year loan terms installers were able to recover. Meanwhile, EPCs are more selective about the projects they choose, favoring large firms. This is largely due to the ITC completion deadline on December 31st, 2023.  What strategies and technologies have the potential to stabilize the solar and storage development in the long run?


Live Day

April 28, 2021


Live Day

May 06, 2021

Customer Day Socomec

Mobile energy storage Presenting the sunsys Mobile by Socomec Date: March 16, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at Solar & Storage DigiCon (Socomec Booth) Across Europe,

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Roadshow 2021 Poland

Downstream Market Briefing 2021:Poland Date: Febuary 04, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at Solar & Storage DigiCon (Auditorium) The global No. 1 online platform Solar &

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Roadshow 2021 Germany

Downstream Market Briefing 2021: Germany Date: March 04, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at Solar & Storage DigiCon (Auditorium) Despite the pandemic taking hold of the

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Roadshow 2021 Netherlands

Downstream Market Briefing 2021: Netherlands Date: February 18, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at Solar & Storage DigiCon (Auditorium) The global No. 1 online platform Solar

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Grünere Speichertechnologien

Grünere Speichertechnologien – Wie sie Kapazität, Leistung und Sicherheit Anschlussfertig vereinen Date: February 11, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at Solar & Storage DigiCon Der Speichermarkt

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Customer Day Innoses

Driven by Innovation: Introducing Innoses In the Driver’s Seat of the Energy Transition with Battery Storage Systems Date: February 25, 2021 Venue: Virtual Micro-Conference at

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