Solar Power Briefing East Africa

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When it comes to prime solar locations, East Africa is among the top candidates – vast open spaces, plenty of sunlight throughout the year and political commitment. Decentralized renewables play a huge role in the electrification of East Africa as most inhabited regions are far from the national grid. In fact, a 2021 status report, cited by Daniel Schroth, acting director for renewable energy and efficiency at the African Development Bank, shows that Rwanda and Kenya are among the world’s top seven nations for access to off-grid power. However, currently, solar capacity in the region is negligible compared to the rest of the world. While there is no shortage of willing investors, a lack of transparency and access to suitable projects and developers hinder the expansion of renewable energies. Particularly SMEs require further support to secure financial support for off-grid projects. A key to further expansion of RE in the region will be the connection of project developers with international investors.

The Event is taking place on 14th of October at 9 AM CEST at Solar & Storage Digicon. In this two-hour session, we will be analyzing the potential of the East African region, uncovering transparency and financing barriers and develop strategies to connect developers and investors for a brighter solar future. We will also learn about best practices from recent off-grid projects in the region.

09:00-09:15 AM CEST
Global Trends in Solar PV Costs – Impact on the African Market

  • Total installed costs, capacity factors and LCOE development
  • Cost breakdown and drivers of cost reduction

Pablo Ralon, Associate Programme Officer, Renewable Energy Cost Status & Outlook, IRENA

09:15-09:35 AM CEST
Use of Spatial Data Driven Tools (EAE) to Unlock the Renewable Energy Potential in the East African Region

  • Importance of integrated energy access planning
  • Need for a multi-dimensional energy access platform as a tool for energy access planning

Douglas Ronoh, GIS Analyst, Energy Access Explorer, World Resources Institute (WRI)

09:35-09:42 AM CEST
Brightest Future for East Africa Solar Power Generation

  • Market background from the perspective of a Tier 1 manufacturer
  • Different type of market segments
  • Best practice – JA solution and approach to the market

Hadyr Koumakpai, General Manager Africa, JA Solar

09:42- 10:02 AM CEST
Improving Sustainable Power Generation to Meet Future Energy Demands in East Africa

  • East Africa power status overview
  • Possible solution: Off-grid Solar + BESS system

Tim Lui, CTO & Co-founder, Innoses

10:02-10:17 AM CEST
Safe and Sustainable Storage Technologies

  • Introduction of battery technologies aside from lithium-ion-technology
  • Opportunities for the African Market

Dr. Thomas Krausse, CEO, BlueSky Energy



International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Pablo Ralon

Pablo Ralon

Pablo studied chemical engineering and holds a master’s degree in sustainable energy systems. He has worked in the analysis of renewable energy technology and markets at international level for more than 10 years. He is currently an analyst at IRENA’s Renewable Energy Cost Status and Outlook team.

World Resources Institute (WRI)

Douglas Ronoh

Douglas Ronoh

Douglas Ronoh is a GIS Analyst, in the Energy Access Explorer program based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is working on advancing WRI’s integrated geospatial energy planning work in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and the enhancement of Energy Access Explorer, an online, open, collaborative platform of actionable data to facilitate access to energy in unserved and underserved areas.

JA Solar

Hadyr Koumakpai

Hadyr Koumakpai

Hadyr Koumakpai, over 10 Years, has been promoting renewable energy, mainly solar technology in Africa. Holder of 2 Master degree, he embraces also an MBA in Energy and Sustainability at UK university of Cumbria. He is acting now as the General Manager Africa for JA Solar and Prior to that he served as Business Developer manager, Senior project Manager and Africa project director in different and


Tim Lui

Tim Lui

Tim Lui has more than 17 years of experience in product development, R&D, manufacturing engineering and project management. He has spent more than a decade in CTO/Technical Director/Program Manager positions in large Fortune 500 technology companies such as Philips, NXP, and Emerson. Tim has proven capability in a wide variety of product development areas including.

BlueSky Energy

Dr. Thomas Krausse

Dr. Thomas Krausse

Dr. Thomas Krausse is one of the two managing directors of BlueSky Energy. He is head of the sectors research and development, finances and international sales.