Solar Market Briefing Hungary

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As part of our dedication to emerging solar markets worldwide, we are delighted to announce the Solar Market Briefing Hungary taking place on 2nd of September at 10:00 AM CEST at Solar & Storage DigiCon.

Hungary is taking big steps towards solar power energy. The installed capacity of solar power plants has increased almost tenfold in Hungary in five years (2016-2020) and this trend will continue in the future. With an addition of 553 MW, the cumulated solar PV installed capacity in Hungary reached around 2 GW by the end of 2020.

And the future outlook is positive – according to the Hungarian energy strategy, the government aims to have at least 200,000 households with an average of 4 kW solar modules by 2030. This means a 400 MW of added capacity to the residential segment until 2025 and almost a 15 % of the annual PV installations until then. The main driver for the market is the current METAR scheme through renewable energy auctions. Winning projects will still have a 3-year deadline for the completion of the projects. Therefore, EUPD Research predicts that Hungary passes a 3 GW threshold by the end of 2022 and make a decent sprint for the 6.5 GW PV target (2030) by 2025 when the country will have reached more than 5 GW of PV capacity.

Join us for one hour of compelling market intelligence shared by distinguished experts. The event will cover a macro view on the status quo and future predictions for Hungary as well as first-hand insights highlighting the international developers and investors view.

10:00 – 10:20 AM CEST
The Hungarian Solar Market Overview – Status-quo and Forecast
Parag Bahmre, Partner, EUPD Research

10:20 – 10:40 AM CEST
The Hungarian Solar Market Through the Lens of International Developers and Investors
Ferenc Kis, Renewable Energy Business Development Director, RSK Europe

10:40 – 10:50 AM CEST
Clean Energy for Everyone – How Distributed Storage is Solving The Energy Crisis
Fernando Orozco, International Business Development Manager, sonnen GmbH


EUPD Research

Parag Bhamre

Parag Bhamre

Parag started working in the PV industry in 2010, and he is connected with EuPD Research ever since. He conducted numerous market research and consulting projects in the field of photovoltaics and storage. His main focus is international PV and storage markets and he primarily works on exclusive projects.

RSK Europe

Ferenc Kis

Ferenc Kis

Mr. Ferenc Kis is Renewable Energy Business Development Director at RSK Europe. Ferenc graduated from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, with a renewable energy engineering degree. For nine years, Ferenc was the head of environment at Budapest Airport, where he assisted starting its major stakeholder engagement program before embedding it as a permanent sustainability initiative.


Fernando Orozco

Fernando Orozco

Fernando holds an MBA degree from HHL Leipzig University. He has vast experience in business development and sales. In 2020, Fernando joined sonnen to develop and grow new European markets in the field of residential energy storage and virtual power plant.