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New Markets in Mexico


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Eupd research

Parag Bhamre, Partner

Parag Bhamre

Parag started working in the PV industry in 2010, and he is connected with EuPD Research ever since. He conducted numerous market research and consulting projects in the field of photovoltaics and storage. His main focus is international PV and storage markets and he primarily works on exclusive projects.


Jenny Chase, Head of Solar Analysis

Jenny Chase

Jenny Chase joined BloombergNEF mid-2005 and launched the Solar Insight Service in early 2006, and now runs the team from Bloomberg's Zurich office. Jenny is the author of BNEF’s quarterly PV Market Outlook, which draws together updates and output of proprietary models to give a detailed account of demand, supply, price, margins and investment activity in the PV industry.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Ignacio Barrenengoa, Regional Head Sea Freight FCL – Asia

Ignacio Barrenengoa

Ignacio Barrenengoa leads the FCL product in the Asia Pacific Region for Hellmann Worldwide logistics, a top 10 leading global logistics company headquartered in Germany. He started his career in Hellmann back in 2010 in Spain and has since held roles developing the sea freight product in Latin America, North America and most recently in Hong Kong.

BayWa r.e.

Tino Weiss, Head of Global Purchasing Solar Projects

Tino Weiss

Tino started his career at EWS GmbH as a Lease Manager, after graduating in electrical engineering. He was responsible for the acquisition, planning and realization of PV rooftop solutions. He continued his professional career in the renewable sector and has held leadership roles in purchasing and product management before joining BayWa r.e. in October 2012.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Michael Amri, Global Head of Seafreight FCL

Michael Amri

Michael Amri signs responsible for the worldwide Seafreight FCL business at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics since early 2019. He looks back on 30 years of profound experience in logistics. Initially he worked in the Seafreight Operations Management to then move on to the Sales Division. In 2004, Michael Amri moved to the US where he took over and strategically expanded the national Sales department.

Maute Consulting

Tobias Maute, CEO

Tobias Maute

Tobias Maute is a self-employed consultant for all supply chain needs. Over 14 years ago he started his career in the supply chain as an operator for warehousing and distribution. In the end of 2007 Tobias found his way into the solar business via the Phoenix Solar AG, where he learned the operational know-how about the specific needs and requirements of this very particular branch in industry.

10:00 – 10:03 AM (CEST)
JA Solar European Market Video

10:03 – 10:20AM (CEST)
Welcome Remarks and Opening Speech
Henning Schulze, Corporate Assistant President, JA Solar

10:20 – 10:35AM (CEST)
Selected Modules for Residential and Commercial Applications in Europe
Ignacio Espinosa, Senior Technical Manager, JA Solar

10:35-10:55AM (CEST)
Technical Roundtable: Todays Challenges in PV Plants Design
Moderated by: Davide Pesenti, Research Consultant, EUPD Research

Ignacio Espinosa, Senior Technical Manager, JA Solar
Michele Citro, Senior Product Manager, JA Solar
Yana Hryshko, Senior Sales Manager, JA Solar

10:55-11:00 AM (CEST) 
JA Solar and the Top Brand PV Award
Saif Islam, Senior Consultant, EUPD Research

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