Downstream Market Briefing 2021:

Despite the pandemic taking hold of the global industry in 2020, Germany overtook Spain and regained its role as the largest European PV market. Particularly, the commercial rooftop segment saw a drastic increase in capacity. In 2020, the pandemic was however not the biggest threat to solar in Germany, but rather the 52GW solar cap.

The revised EEG 2021 set the target to 100GW by 2030, increasing the share of solar energy in the 65% renewables target.  However, the EEG 2021 also offers a great deal of risk to solar growth, particularly to the development of commercial rooftop and industrial installations due to the decreasing capacity threshold falling within the auction scheme. Additionally, the newly required installation of smart meters and remote controls to systems below 30kW adds administrative obstacles to self-consumption.

Nonetheless, Germany is projected to remain the largest solar market with one of the most promising growth rates in Europe. The goals also set the pace for the phase-out of nuclear and coal accelerating solar for decentralized as well as commercial electricity generation.

Is Germany an example for over-regulating the energy transition? Or are these regulations necessary for a just transition for all stakeholders of the electricity value chain? How is the project development and realization impacted by the new regulations? What is the role of the installer in a market dominated by the rooftop segment?

Where are the largest potentials for solar growth – Agri-PV, residential, commercial scale, residential, or floating solar? How can innovation support the expansion of solar in Germany? What role does storage play for the further development? Is the e-mobility sector affected? 

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The German Photovoltaic Market Continues on its Growth Path in 2021

| March 02, 2021 by EUPD Research


Despite an increased number of new photovoltaic installations in 2020, half of the German installers state a negative impact on their photovoltaic business due to the coronavirus pandemic. The outlook for 2021 is significantly more positive, as the latest EUPD Research survey shows. For 2021, EUPD Research forecasts an additional increase of new PV installations by 23% to 6 GWp. READ MORE >