DigiCon Launch Day EVENT
on july 15

Solar & Storage DigiCon Intro Event

Solar and Storage in a New Digital World

At the opening of the Solar & Storage DigiCon we will present the first visitors of the platform with some powerful voices from the global renewables sectors.

The range of topics will extend from the question of how increasing digitalization is already affecting and will continue to affect the solar and energy storage industries, to detailed insights into the world’s regional markets and their situation in view of a globally advancing energy transition. 

With the launch of the Solar & Storage DigiCon and this kick-off event, we want to promote global dialogue and bring together decision-makers who provide new ideas and take a forward-looking perspective.

Executive briefing based on the Global Energy Transition (GET) Matrix

Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO/Founder, IBESA / Joint Forces for Solar

Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst, SolarPower Europe

Brand new insights from the German EndCustomerMonitor

Dr. Martin Ammon, Managing Director, EUPD Research

Latest results generated through the Global Installer Monitor

Leo Ganz, Partner, EUPD Research

Daniel Fuchs, Vice President, International Battery Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) / Joint Forces for Solar


Markus A. W. Hoehner, CEO/Founder

Markus A. W. Hoehner

Markus Hoehner is Founder and CEO of EUPD Research as well as the associated brands Joint Foreces for Solar and IBESA. He has top level research and consulting know-how — especially in the areas of renewable energies, clean teach and sustainable management.

SolarPower Europe

Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst

Raffaele Rossi

Raffaele Rossi is Policy Analyst at SolarPower Europe. As part of the Market Intelligence team, he is involved in data analysis and the work around SolarPower Europe’s flagship publications, the Global Market Outlook and the EU Market Outlook. At Solar Power Europe he also coordinates the Sustainability and the Solar & Storage workstreams.

EUPD Research

Dr. Martin Ammon, Managing Director

Dr. Martin Ammon

Martin has a degree in economics and earned his doctorate in the field of grid parity of photovoltaics. After several positions at EUPD, he became a member of the management board in the beginning of 2019, where he is in charge of the company’s operative business. His own thematic focus is on the creation of economic and energy models.

Joint Forces for Solar

Parag Bhamre, Partner

Parag Bhamre

Parag started working in the PV industry in 2010, and he is connected with EuPD Research ever since. He conducted numerous market research and consulting projects in the field of photovoltaics and storage. His main focus is on international PV and storage markets and he primarily works on exclusive projects.

EUPD Research

Saif Islam, Senior Consultant

Saif Islam

Saif is a senior consultant at EUPD Research since 2014 and maintains since a close and ongoing dialogue with many of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. He serves as a consultant for their market research demands and analyzes current needs in order to set up exclusive research projects.

EUPD Research

Leo Ganz, Partner

Leo Ganz

Leo has been EUPD partner since 2009 and brings his management experience from the IT and PV industry to international business development for customers. He supports them in designing and implementing exclusive studies as well as in marketing and sales projects.


Daniel Fuchs, Vice President

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel is a universalist in the energy industry and a born networker. For the agency Daniel is the expert for business development and finances. His talent for facts and figures makes him an unswerving advisor in the team for the intelligent handling of budgets.