In this section you can find guides, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the virtual experience Solar &  Storage DigiCon. If any further questions come up, please contact Amelie Meixner at 

We look forward to welcoming you at the Solar & Storage DigiCon!

FAQ Attendee

The Solar & Storage DigiCon launched on July 15, 2020 and is accessible until the end of 2021. With regular live days with a regional or industry segment focus, the platform is an engaging, content-driven e-marketplace for the solar and storage industry.

Yes, registering and attending the Solar & Storage DigiCon is free of charge.

You can change your registration info within the platform by clicking the “Settings”- icon in the top right next to your profile picture.

You can attend the Solar & Storage DigiCon from any device with an internet connection. Check your browser resolution for the best possible experience.

A live day is a day with a live event with conference program in the auditorium or at a booth. The SSDC hosts around two to four live days each month. Topics vary from regional focuses to segment specific conferences. To receive more information visit our website, check our social media channels and receive further information in the bi-weekly newsletter going out to all registered attendees. 

Yes, the Solar & Storage DigiCon is accessible 24/7. During the live days the platform will experience more traffic.

The Solar & Storage DigiCon offers three language settings for the environment: English, German and Spanish. You can select the language at the login page. If you wish to change it, please log out and then log in with the chosen language.

The chat function offers more than 35 language options and allows you to communicate with representatives, exhibitors and attendees from around the world without any language barriers. You can directly translate the chat message into the language of your choice.

You can see how many people are online at a particular location at the top right of the environment, next to your profile image. “Now Attending” refers to the number of people online at the Solar & Storage DigiCon. “This Location” includes all attendees in a certain room / booth. A green chat bubble indicates that the person is available to chat.

When you log in to the environment you can visit the booths by clicking the logos in the exhibition hall. If you are looking for a specific booth, you can also use the search-function at the top of your screen.

This is caused by the resolution settings of your screen. The minimum required setting are 1024 x 768 screen resolution. For the best possible experience, set the zoom level of your browser to 75% to 90%.

You will find all rooms (expo hall, auditorium, help desk etc.) within the environment listed in the task bar on the bottom of your screen. By clicking on the different icons, you can easily switch to another room by clicking on the respective icon.


When visiting a booth, you can see the Info Card on the top right. By clicking here, you will see all assigned BoothReps. When they are online, their chat bubble will appear green. A grey bubbled indicates that this particular BoothRep is offline. You can write an email by clicking the mail icon.

Moreover, most of the exhibitors’ booths entail a business card drop off and virtual badge swipe option. Here, a request along with your information, such as Name, Job title, Company and e-mail address will be sent to the company representative. They will then get directly in touch with you.

Yes, either in a group chat or in several 1 on 1 chats.

You can save a content item to your briefcase by clicking on the briefcase symbol next to a document. Content items with a blue arrow can be downloaded. It is also possible to share a link to a content item via email, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook by clicking “Share”.

Within the environment, you can contact all staff from Joint Forces for Solar and the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance. You can find staff members in the auditorium, at the JF4S and IBESA booth, or by searching in the attendee list. If you need further support, please contact Amelie Meixner at

If you do not wish to be contacted, you can change your status to “Do not disturb” by hovering over your profile picture with the cursor and select the respective status. Your chat bubble will turn red and it is not possible to engage in a private chat with you.

You can find selected recordings (on-demand content) of the live events in the Resource Center. We highly recommend to participate in the live days to follow all presentations and interact with the speakers (Q&A). 

As a registered attendee, you will receive a newsletter every two weeks with the latest updates of the Solar & Storage DigiCon, upcoming events and partner news. If you no longer wish to receive these information, you can unsubscribe from this newsletter.

You can also find updates in this website, or on the LinkedIn channels of Joint Forces 4 Solar and the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance.

SSDC puts a strong focus on education and content. To meet this goal, we have created the “Resource Center” where you can find thousands of slides of market intelligence and product/technology updates. We encourage to visit this room frequently as new relevant content will be added continuously.

If you want to join the Solar & Storage DigiCon as an exhibitor, please get in touch with Daniel Fuchs at